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Easy and Interesting Science Experiments for Kids

Easy and Interesting Science Experiments for Kids

As we all know, conducting science experiments is a very fascinating and exciting piece of job and teaching science to your by means of interesting and simple experiments is even more interesting. Most children are easily attracted to simple scientific experiments as they are easily fascinated by new things, especially those involving magical results which most science experiments give. Many parents believe that science experiments for kids are not only difficult to perform but also dangerous for them. However, most parents are unaware that there are many simple and safe experiments that can be done at home by using household stuffs of daily use.

The Dancing Raisins

The dancing raisin is a very simple preschool science experiment which can be carried out by using some raisins along with a glass of fresh lime soda. Just take a glass filled with fizzing fresh lime soda and allow your kids to drop a few raisins in the fizzing soda.

After dropping the raisins, you can see the raisins going up and down in the soda so fast, that they almost look like dancing with each other and your kid will surely love to see them dance. Then explain them the reasons and this they will surely remember throughout their lives.

The Veins of Celery Stalk

This is another experiment which can be performed easily at home. To perform this experiment all you need is a stalk of celery, some food coloring and 2 cups of water.

First, add the food coloring of your choice to the water. Secondly, slice the celery stalk in half long ways and let the end of the sliced stalk touch the colored water and wait for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will be able to see the veins of the celery stalk, as within that period the celery stalk would absorb the colored water. This way you can easily teach transportation of sap in plants. Preschool Science Experiments for Kids Can Help them Learn Science

Science is a very interesting subject and if taught through the experiments for kids, they would be able to grab the basics quickly. Science experiments are like magic, and thus fascinate children. Thus, teaching them by performing experiments plays a significant role in evoking their interest in this subject and further helps in shaping the future of the children.

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